Landscape painting and drawing has always been my subject. When I was at the artschool it was not common to paint landscapes, but I have always sticked to my subject. It is in nature that I found -and still find- interesting form, structure and colour. The angle although, from which I approach and work, has changed in time.

I started painting landscapes the way I was seeing them, beautiful and interesting. Gradually my aproach became more ‘metaphysical’. The representation of nature changed to more expression of emotions, highlighting the different qualities of nature like beauty, peacefulness, mystery or vulnerability. This in a mix of realistic and abstract painting, so there is room for the viewer to have his own interpretation. And I started to see it also as a counterweight to human violation of the environment. The last years the trees became more and more important in my work. Trees are the lungs of the world.

Sometimes I take a sidewalk when I am invited for a project.
Like for instance the project ‘Dutch Pride’, which I made in the context of an international exbition, titled ‘European Identiy.’ This installation was in one way related to the the culture of ‘polderen’, which is in Holland a verb and a way to deliberate untill you have a solution. Visitors could put their wishes on a little piece of paper and put it in ‘the wall’, the honeycomb. Which hundreds of people did. The installation worked as a ‘wishing’ wall and at the same time it was referring to the extinction of the bees.


Communication, (2019) oil on canvas,95x90 cm.